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thank you for your interest in commissioning me! your support is greatly appreciated.

  • clients may order commissions either through ko-fi or email

    • (please include 'commission' in title)

  • commissioned work are for personal use only and i (the artist) retain copyright for works

    • should you (the client) desire to use my work for commercial use, please email me at

    • should you desire exclusivity, please email me

  • i reserve the right to refuse an order should it not align with my terms

  • client may post commissioned work on social media however it must be appropriately credited to artist (@pillconcepcion)

    • client may not claim credit for themself

  • client must pay at least half cost up-front

    • payments may be made through ko-fi/venmo/(pp tbd)

  • usd only

  • to be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis as slots are provided

  • turnaround times may vary depending on commission type and cannot be guaranteed, estimated times are provided on ko-fi

  • work absolutely may not be used for ai/nft usage

heck yeah! will draw:
  • humanoids

  • animals

  • in-animate objects

  • fantasy gore

  • artistic nudity

heck no! i will refuse:
  • anything with hateful rhetoric

  • mech (unless you are either prepared for a meh drawing or to give me several references)

  • celebrities

  • "age-upped" characters

  • actual pornography


if you agree to these terms, you may order a commission from my ko-fo or reach me at my email

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